How to earn Cheese through yield farming?(Web)


*if you sure you are pretty good at this, you can skip this step now

(1)Install MetaMask and setup your Ethereum wallet

MetaMask is a web extension that allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and manages the private keys to your Ethereum wallet in-browser. You could use with Chrome or Firefox browser.
①Visit MetaMask.io and click the【Download】 button.
This will take you the extension for your browser. Click the 【Add to Browser】 and 【add to Chrome】 if a popup appears to install the MetaMask extension to your browser.
②Setting up your MetaMask account / Ethereum wallet
Once installed, you should see a little orange fox icon to the right of your browser’s address bar. Click this fox icon and then the 【Continue】 button to begin setting up your account.
③Next, you’ll be prompted for a password for your MetaMask account. Make sure this is a secure password and do not forget it. This password is used to encrypt the private keys to your Ethereum wallet file stored locally on your computer. MetaMask will prompt you for this password each time you access the extension. It’s never a bad idea to write down this password and store in a safe place.
④Click【create】 once you’ve entered your password. Read and accept the privacy policy and terms of use.
⑤Finally, click the shaded area to reveal your seed phrase. As you may recall, this seed phrase is extremely important because it’s what allows you to access or recover your wallet if you weren’t able to remember your password or your MetaMask were to become inaccessible. BACK IT UP and store it in a secure location. If you forget your seed phrase, there is no way to recover any funds stored in the wallets generated by that seed phrase.
⑥Click 【next】 after you’ve created a back up or multiple back ups of your seed phrase. MetaMask then tests if you actually backed it up by making you click each word of your seed phrase in order. Press the 【confirm】 button once you are finished.
⑦After the installation is successful, use the MetaMask in the browser and choose to create a new ETH account or import the existing ETH account through the private key and your seed phrase.
Congratulations, you’ve created your first Ethereum wallet.🥳
(2)Mobile:ImToken. View more on the mobile course.

2.How to earn Cheese through yield-farming?

Cheese bank supports a variety of assets to deposit as mining, including stable currency, ETH, Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens of UniSwap, etc.
(1) Visit Cheesebank.io,and click the【Enter】
(2) In this page, you can check the price and the total supply of cheese, the total valued lock(TVL) on Cheese Bank. Click【Unlock Wallet】, connect your Wallet to Cheese bank smart contract.
(3) Choose MetaMask on the pop-up,and confirm smart contract access,Click【Next】.
Now you are already connect your wallet, and ready to earn Cheese~
(4) Select a Pool you adore~ ETH\UniSwap LP tokens in the list\ stable currencies you own in the list are supported. 🎉🥇The Cheese LP tokens have a weighted share of highest profits and chose Cheese-ETH LP Pool can earn highest returns 🎉🥇
(5) After selecting the pool, click 【deposit】, and click 【Approve】
📍When you deposit ETH, this step will skip.
(6) At this time, the wallet will remind you that you need to pay a gas fee to confirm. The higher the gas you cost, the faster the confirmation speed is.
📍 The fee prompted by the pop-up is the system recommended fee, which is lower, about costing 10-25 minutes in the case of no network congestion.
You can click【Edit】 in the corner to enter the page to adjust the gas fee. You can also click 【Confirm】 directly to connect wallet by paying the system recommended gas fee.
(7) After the Approve step, click 【Deposit】again, input the amount of currency you want to store, and click【confirm】to start earning Cheese
❗️NOTICE: If you deposit ETH, please don't click the【MAX】. You must leave no less than 0.2 ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas fee of subsequent operation!
(8) After confirmation, the wallet will remind you pay the service gas again. As the previous step, select the gas fee you want and click【confirm】.
📍 At this time, the transaction has begun to broadcast, so close the pop-up or refresh the page does no harms.
(9) When the ETH block-chain transaction is confirmed, you can enter the farm page to see the tokens you have selected to deposit. At this point, the yield-farming process successfully ends! You can sit and wait to harvest the cheeses!🥳
(10) When you want to take out your assets , click 【withdraw】 and input the quantity to be withdrawn, and click 【confirm】. After paying the gas fee, you can take the assets back to your wallet.

3.How to harvest Cheese to your wallet?

When you want to withdraw the cheese, click 【Harvest all Cheese】 at the top of the page, all Cheeses will be harvested to your wallet at one time so as to save gas fee for you.🧀🧀🧀
❗️Notice: In the Phase I of yield-farming, when you choose the Cheese - ETH LP Pool, you can harvest the cheese to your wallet at any time.😋
when you choose the other Pools to farm, you can only harvest the Cheese on the 5th, 10th and 15th day of the Phase I. Please pay attention to the official twitter of Cheese Bank for specific harvest time.📢
📍 Phase I:2020.09.30——2020.10.15(UTC+0)15 Days
The first stage of the project is the initial stage of community construction. In order to let more users understand and participate in the construction of cheese community, more incentive cheese tokens will be released ——200,000 cheese tokens released per day. A total of 3 million tokens will be released.

4.How can you swap ETH to Cheese?

(1) Click【Deposit】of Cheese-ETH LP Pool, and click the link in the right corner of the pop-up, or visit the contract website directly:
(2) Click 【trade】 to swap ETH to Cheese.
(3) Follow the guide and click【Confirm】, input the quantity you want to swap ETH to Cheese and click【Swap】. Click【Confirm Swap】when the pop-up turns, you would pay the Gas fee in twice~
📍 Click the pink arrow you can switch the tokens of exchange, E.G. use cheese to swap to ETH.
(4) Finally, click【Confirm】in the wallet to interact with the contract and successfully swap ETH to Cheese.

5.How to use Uniswap to stake LP tokens in Cheese Bank?

(1) Click【Deposit】of Cheese-ETH LP Pool, and click the link in the right corner of the pop-up, or visit the contract website directly:
(2) Click 【+ add liquidity】 in the upper right corner to add the liquidity pool.
(3) Click【Connect wallet】 and follow the guide to finish the steps. Input the liquidity quantity you want to provide in the pop-up page, including ETH and Cheese. Enter one currency, and the system will automatically fill in the quantity required by the other currency according to the real-time price. If you don't have cheese, please go back to the previous step of trade.
📍 you can click the settings button in the upper right corner to set the transaction sliding point and transaction limit duration to minimize the transaction consumption loss.
(4) After input, click【approve cheese】, and then pay the gas fee in the wallet. After that, you need to click 【supply confirm】 again to pay the gas fee again. The account will receive the new LP token, and the liquidity is added successfully.
(5) Now, you can back to Cheese Bank and deposit your Cheese-ETH LP tokens to earn Cheese. 🥇Enjoy the highest APY!🥇 💰Harvest most!💰