📱How to earn Cheese through yield farming?(Mobile)


Visit token.im to download Imtoken wallet,and deposit the cryptocurrency you want to farm.

2. Enter CheeseBank by your personal mobile device

🤗 Cheese bank adapts to the mobile terminal because it's more friendly to users.
(1)You can use Imtoken to scan the QR code of Cheese Bank (all scanning entrances can be used)
or visit the【Browser】and enter cheesebank.io
(2)When you enter the page for the first time, you will be prompted to access authorization and click【Confirm】.
(3)In this page, we can see 【Pending Harvest Cheese】and 【Harvest All Cheese】,to view more data, click the【Data】 in the upper right corner.

3.Begin to farm

(1) Select the pool you want to participate in.
❗️Notice: In the Phase I of yield-farming, when you choose the Cheese - ETH LP Pool, you can harvest the cheese to your wallet at any time.😋 Enjoy the highest APY! 🥇 Harvest most!💰
when you choose the other Pools to farm, you can only harvest the Cheese on the 5th, 10th and 15th day of the Phase I. Please pay attention to the official twitter of Cheese Bank for specific harvest time.📢
📍 Phase I:2020.09.30——2020.10.15(UTC+0)15 Days
The first stage of the project is the initial stage of community construction. In order to let more users understand and participate in the construction of cheese community, more incentive cheese tokens will be released ——200,000 cheese tokens released per day. A total of 3 million tokens will be released.
(2)After selecting the pool, click 【deposit】, and click 【Approve】
📍When you deposit ETH, this step will skip.
(3) At this time, the wallet will remind you that you need to pay a gas fee to confirm. The higher the gas you cost, the faster the confirmation speed is.
You can click【Miner Fee】 to enter the page to adjust the gas fee. You can also click 【Next】 directly to pay the system recommended gas fee.
(4)After the Approve step, click 【Deposit】again, input the amount of currency you want to store, and click【confirm】to start earning Cheese
❗️NOTICE: If you deposit ETH, please don't click the【MAX】. You must leave no less than 0.2 ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas fee of subsequent operation!
(5) After confirmation, the wallet will remind you pay the service gas again. As the previous step, select the gas fee you want and click【confirm】.
📍 At this time, the transaction has begun to broadcast, so close the pop-up or refresh the page does no harms.
(6) When the ETH block-chain transaction is confirmed, you can enter the farm page to see the tokens you have selected to deposit. At this point, the yield-farming process successfully ends! You can sit and wait to harvest the cheeses!🥳
(7)When you want to take out your assets , click 【withdraw】 and input the quantity to be withdrawn, and click 【confirm】. After paying the gas fee, you can take the assets back to your wallet.
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